Our Services

Mak & Co are an independent accountancy and business service practice. We specialize in innovated accounting and bookkeeping management, trade and financing advisory services for SMEs.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are two essential process when it comes to critical decision making of an entity. These two functions may be perceived as deriving from one profession to the untrained eye, but careful observation will reveal that there is a striking difference between the two. Our team has a complete set of accountants with years of experience in family business, startups, and SMEs who can handle your accounting records and will ensure top notched services delivered to your business. Equipped with comprehensive and innovative accounting technology, faster accounting of financial data is ensured.

Financial Acquisition & Due Diligence Review

Prior to acquisition, merging, investment or business partnership, it is crucial to investigate in order to know its impact on the business after the completion of the sale. At Mak & Co., we offer services such as financial acquisition and due diligence review for clients who wish to be fully informed of the selling company’s assets, liabilities and its earnings. We have dedicated people in our team who are quite familiar with mergers and acquisitions and who can perform rigorous diligence on the client’s behalf.

Trade Finance & Tax Advisory

Financial accounting is an integral part in the trade finance. Finding the right person to do the job will certainly pay off. Our company practice is about delivering the best service that suits to the clients’ unique needs. We also offer tax advisories to clients to reduce problems arising from non-tax compliance. We can help in keeping your records straight in tax matters and ascertain strict compliance to government rules and procedures. Mak & Co. has just the right professionals who have the right skills to provide proper financing advisories.

Statutory Company Secretary Service

It is seemingly difficult for some directors and shareholders to carry the burden of administrative tasks on a day to day basis. An entity must be corporate compliant at all times to avoid the risk of possible law infringements, and keeping track of all these obligations can be time consuming. This is where our statutory secretary service comes in. We provide secretarial services from setting up of a business to bookkeeping to company restorations or dissolutions. Our certified professionals are fully equipped in discharging quality services that will help your boost your company’s track record.

Company Formation

Want to form a company? Mak & Co. is the best answer to that. We cater to the growing needs of a business startup. To retain the excitement of legally commencing a business during the process of company formation, allow us to handle the complexities of setting up the entity. Our experts in this area are well-trained and well-informed enough to ensure fast and efficient processing of mandatory procedures. Contact us today and we will assist you in implementing a range of strategies for your business.

Administrative Support

All companies aim to achieve larger objectives, but the daily tasks on the administrative level may hinder them from focusing on these objectives. Our line of expertise on these administrative matters are way better than hiring an employee to do the job. We specialise in timely and efficient reports, correspondence, and other standardised office procedures. It is our goal to offer incomparable and quality administrative service. Rest assured knowing that our team of skilled professionals will effectively take care of your business.